Why communicate?

In a communicative society those who fail to communicate are doomed to be

Any organization that decides to keep quiet will be ignored.

If an organization has a story tell, it must communicate in as many ways

Soterios Zoulas, President of Zoulas Communications


Soterios Zoulas possesses extensive experience in all aspects of communications. His communications practice has focused on education as well as government, nonprofit organizations and business.  His vast public policy experience, communications skills and knowledge of the major players provide a strong foundation to advise clients on all aspects of education, public policy and its impact on business.  He gives strategic communication advice and counsel to college presidents, school superintendents, business leaders and government officials.


Soterios Zoulas and Zoulas Communications have consulted with wide array of companies, colleges, schools, foundations, institutes as well as high-tech start-ups.

Market Buzz

Soterios Zoulas will introduce you to the decision makers and opinion leaders in New England. He will brainstorm methods to approach them to meet your objectives and goals. He can help you use the old media to reach your goals or make use of the new media to create the market buzz that clients seek. He can also negotiate behind closed doors and accomplish your goals without notoriety.